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Pack & Ship: How Do I Start a Shipment?
Pack & Ship: How Do I Start a Shipment?

This article discusses two ways to find an order to ship.

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In order to get started, you need to find the order you want to ship. There are two ways to do this, depending on how you want to organize your work and who is doing the shipping.

Option 1 - Start on the Orders Screen

Sometimes you may need to do a bit more analysis to find the orders you want to ship. It's much easier to see information here in a grid view than relying on the few fields in the Order tile on the Shipping screen. You can filter and tag as much as necessary here to narrow it down to a data set. A few examples:

  • Maybe at your company all expedited orders need to go first. Someone at your company could go into the Orders screen and tag certain orders as priority so that the person shipping knows which ones to focus on.

  • Show me all of my orders that are requested to be shipped today.

  • Show me all orders for a certain carrier.

Go to the Orders screen.

Use the search panel or column filters to locate your order(s).

When you're ready, highlight the order(s) and click Ship.

For more information about how to customize the Orders screen, click here.

Option 2 - Start on the Shipping Screen

This involves minimal decisions, minimal data finding, and likely only searching by one factor to find your orders. For example:

  • You might want to focus on shipping all your UPS packages because that picks up first.

  • Or show me the next priority shipment.

  • Or search by Carrier Service Code or by Customer.

Start on the Shipping screen.

Search for the order in the search panel or scan the package. Search for a term by typing in the search field. (1080 in the example below will pull up order #WT-1080)

Click the +Add button to add the order to the shipment and get started.

You are able to add multiple orders to a shipment. (CTRL + click then click the +Add button) Combined orders are allowed if they have the same Ship To information. As a customer, you will have set up your own consolidation rules for grouping orders.

You can only search based on the fields in the order tile. However, you can customize the data that is displayed. Follow this link to learn more:

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