Product: Pack & Ship

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1. Menu > Pack & Ship > Shipment History

Navigate to the Shipment History screen.

2. This is the Shipment History screen. Historical Shipment records are represented here.

3. You may double click a shipment in the list to open it on the Shipping screen at any time.

4. Single click a shipment to select it.

5. The Tools button will appear in the top right of the Shipment History screen.

6. Click the Tools button and select View Operations Log from the drop down.

7. This is the Shipment Operation Log.

8. This log contains communications transmitted by the Pack & Ship application regarding your shipments. In the example above, we can see that rate and shipment requests were sent to EasyPost, and EasyPost responded to each request.

9. Left click a transaction to view the payload in the messages screen to the right.

10. This is a great place to confirm successful communications between Pack & Ship and services related to your shipment.

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