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Quick ship will automate everything that you have NOT done after you start a shipment. The system knows what has already been done and what needs to be done then completes the process. The most common use of this feature is for our customers who fit the entire order into one box.

Shipping Screen

On the Shipping Screen, click the Quick Ship button at the top.

The next thing you know, labels are coming out!

The system did all of these things automatically:

  • Pack Items

  • Get Rates

  • Ship

Reminder that when you click Quick Ship, the system will automatically do any tasks you have NOT done. A few examples:

Let's say you open the order and pack the box then click Quick Ship. The system will skip Carriers and go right to Ship. This is a handy shortcut if you trust that everything is preset for your carrier.

Let's say you’re on the packing screen and you start packing a box but still have items remaining. If you click Quick Ship it will finish packing whatever is left, then ship.

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