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First Check:

Check in the Pack & Ship Orders menu. Filter by document number or PO number to find the relevant order.

Second Check:

If the order is not in Pack & Ship orders, it may be on:

  1. A completed shipment or

  2. A shipment in progress. You are able to search by Document Number, not PO number

Third Check:

If the order is not in the Pack & Ship Orders menu or in Pack & Ship Shipment History attached to a shipment, then check to see if it exists in the DataHub application (if you have access).

You can filter by Order Number or PO Number:

Fourth check:

If the order is also not in DataHub, then it may not have been sent from Transaction Manager, or it may not have been sent successfully.

  • Verify if it was sent from Transaction Manager by checking the Sent folder:

  • Resend from Transaction Manager if necessary.

Upon review, if it is in the Transaction Manager Sent folder, but not in DataHub in the third check above, then it can be copied from the Sent folder back into the Outbox, and re-sent from Transaction Manager to Pack & Ship.

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