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You might need to re-open a shipment that you saved for later. Or you might have a need to see the history of your shipments. Shipment History shows all shipments: everything that has been started and completed as shipment - including dates, carrier services, number of packages, weights, and destinations.

  1. Navigate to the Shipment History Screen.

2. Open the search fly out by clicking the magnifying glass.

3. You can search for Shipments by entering values like the Shipment and Order numbers.

Here are some common statuses you might see:

In Progress

Indicates that the shipment was started, but then it was stopped and saved. You are able to re-open and finish the shipment at any time.

In Progress (no order number)

A shipment that was started/created but never finished. Likely someone went into the shipping screen but didn’t pick an order. That creates a shipment ‘shell’. It shows in progress but there’s no order. You can highlight these lines and click delete to keep this grid clean.

Ready to Ship

The shipment is set ready to be shipped. At this stage, no addresses can be changed. However, you can make some adjustments to package details, carrier service, the shipper, and the shipment number.


Either the shipment has been picked up already, or it has been added to a carrier manifest for the day. No further changes can be made. Tracking information, final freight costs, and carrier labels are provided.


Shipment was removed from a carrier manifest and is no longer a valid shipment.

How do I re-open a shipment I saved for later?

Double click to see the shipment or highlight the line and click Edit. This opens up the shipment. Note that it takes you to the beginning of the journey bar, not where you left off. Fear not; it saves all the information that was in there, wherever you left off.

You can continue to move through the journey bar.

How do I void a shipment and re-do?

If you see a completed shipment, you can click Void Shipment(s) then confirm. However, the process differs based on when you do it:

  • A newer shipment, you can click Void Shipment and it will void immediately.

  • An older shipment can’t be voided and requires an override. When the Alert error comes up (first image below) , click on the shipment line and click the Overwrite button (second image below) .

How do I re-print my labels?

Note: You need to have a completed shipment to reprint labels.

Highlight the shipment and click Print Labels.

You won’t get a notification, but the label will automatically be sent to your printer.

For more information about Pack & Ship printer setup, click one of the articles below:

How do I see shipment status after the package has left the warehouse?

Click on the completed shipment.

If it’s in production, you will see the shipment details in the right panel: tracking number, dates for shipping progress, etc.

Shipment History Screen - Navigation

Click and drag columns. Hold your mouse and drag columns around until you get them in the order you desire. Don't forget to save the configuration so it remembers next time! (see below)

Sort columns. You can click the up or down arrows at the top of a column to sort that data in ascending or descending order.

Save configuration. Once you get the grid looking the way you want, you can save the settings so that it remembers the next time you log in.

Filter columns. Depending on the number of records loaded into your grid, it might be difficult to scroll through all the data. It may be more practical to display a subset of those records based on specific information. You can apply a quick filter based on data elements within a selected column.

Search. You can search by basic fields.

Set & retrieve default search sets. Once you complete a search, you can save that search for future use. If you refresh the page, it goes back to the default. Recalling the saved search set for pulls that list back up again. Additionally, you can set this search set as the default for that page.

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