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Pack & Ship: Orders Screen Overview
Pack & Ship: Orders Screen Overview

What can I do in the Orders screen to make my life easier?

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Sometimes you may need to do a bit more analysis to find the orders you want to ship. It's much easier to see information here in a grid view than relying on the few fields in the Order tile on the Shipping screen. You can see all orders in one spot, no matter the status. Here are some things you can do!

Drill into order details. Click the details button to see the order and the items on that order. You can perform basic changes if needed for this to go out.

Click and drag columns. Hold your mouse and drag columns around until you get them in the order you desire. Don't forget to save the configuration so it remembers next time! (see below)

Sort columns. You can click the up or down arrows at the top of a column to sort that data in ascending or descending order.

Save configuration. Once you get the grid looking the way you want, you can save the settings so that it remembers the next time you log in.

Filter columns. Depending on the number of records loaded into your grid, it might be difficult to scroll through all the data. It may be more practical to display a subset of those records based on specific dates, order amount, shippers, locations, and so on.

You can apply a quick filter based on data elements within a selected column.

Search. You can search by basic fields on the order. By default, we hide completed orders but you can click Search and change it to show all completed orders.

Set & retrieve default search sets. Once you complete a search, you can save that search for future use. Notice below if you refresh the page, it goes back to all Carrier Service Codes. Recalling the saved search set for UPS Ground pulls that list back up again. Additionally, you can set this search set as the default for that page.

Tags. Let's say I want to tag multiple orders to indicate they are online orders. I can use tags to do this. Highlight multiple records, click the Tags button, assign a tag term then click Save.

Then when you perform a search, you can type that term in the Tag field and pull up only those records.

Group orders. You can manually search and put orders together. Here's an example: I sorted and I found that Josh placed 2 orders today and I want to group them so that they ship together. You would highlight the multiple orders then choose Add Group from the Group drop-down at the top of the screen.

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