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Here are some quick methods for customizing the display of columns and the data elements within a selected column to suit your preferences. Note: Many of the examples below show orders and shipments but the tools are the same no matter where you are in the Foundry platform!

Click and drag columns. Hold your mouse and drag columns around until you get them in the order you desire. Don't forget to save the configuration so it remembers next time! (see below)

Sort columns. You can click the up or down arrows at the top of a column to sort that data in ascending or descending order.

Show/Hide columns. There is a simple way to hide (or show) columns on the grid. Click any symbol between the column headings and then click Columns from the drop down options. This opens the master columns list for displaying columns on the grid. Only the columns selected on the master list will be displayed on the grid.

Filter columns. Depending on the number of records loaded into your grid, it might be difficult to scroll through all the data. It may be more practical to display a subset of those records. You can apply a quick filter based on data elements within a selected column.

Save configuration. Once you get the grid looking the way you want, you can save the settings so that it remembers the next time you log in.

Search. You can search by basic fields on the page by clicking the magnifying glass at the top right.

Set & retrieve default search sets. Once you complete a search, you can save that search for future use. Recalling the saved search set pulls that list back up again. Additionally, you can set this search set as the default for that page.

Tags. Let's say I want to tag multiple orders to indicate they are online orders. I can use tags to do this. Highlight multiple records, click the Tags button, assign a tag term then click Save.

Then when you perform a search, you can type that term in the Tag field and pull up only those records.

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