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What is the initiative?

Safeway is implementing the 856 ASN transaction, as well as requiring a select number of suppliers to retest the Invoice.

Is Testing required?

Yes. Testing is being hosted by SPS. Make sure to register on the SPS portal.

What should I do to get started?

Complete the EDI sender/receiver information in the SPS portal. You'll need the following information:

Production EDI Qualifier / ISA ID

Production EDI GS ID

Test EDI Qualifier & ISA ID

Test GS ID

Connection Type: select VAN from the dropdown, enter in TrueCommerce AS2

Enter your company details and item data. Once these details are entered, testing can begin.

There are multiple vendor categories available on the SPS testing portal. Please be sure to communicate to SPS which scenario applies to your company (i.e. Catch Weight, Dry Goods, General Merchandise, Meat / Poultry / Blockchain).

For ASN testing, which Safeway ASN should I use?

The ASN that needs to be used is the Ship Notice/Manifest - Pallet and Pack.

NOTE: If you're required to retest the Invoice, you'll select either the Invoice or Grocery Products Invoice based on what type of vendor you are.

What if my company is required to send a UCC-128 label?

If your company is required to send a UCC-128 label, please click here for more information.

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