Product: Transaction Manager

For step-by-step guidance, check out the "How to Template" tutorial under Guided Tutorials in Foundry! Save time and jump into the steps! Or, read on for more information.

Tired of filling in red fields every time you create a transaction? Are there fields on the Transaction that will always be the same? Save time by using the Templates feature!

By templating static information, those red/mandatory fields will fill in automatically whenever the transaction is created by either Turnaround or by Importing.

  1. From the Trading Partner record, click Preferences in the Action Bar.

  2. Choose Transactions.

  3. Select the transaction from the list.

  4. With the transaction highlighted, click Template in the Action Bar.

  5. Proceed with filling out any field that will always be the same. Click Save when you're done!

If you're an integrated customer and you're importing transactions from your business system to Transaction Manager, some information may be able to populate upon import. Contact TrueCommerce Support or your assigned Implementation Specialist for assistance!

rev: 9/8/21

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