Product: Transaction Manager

It might happen sometimes that you receive a Purchase Order from a Trading Partner that has some details that need to be changed. Maybe a due date needs to be changed or a discontinued item needs to be removed. Whatever the case may be, you may wonder if you can adjust the PO before creating your outbound transactions.

The short answer? No.

Incoming Purchase Orders cannot be edited, and any changes or updates to the order must be communicated on outgoing transactions (i.e. Purchase Order Acknowledgement, Advance Shipment Notice, Invoice). For example, if your Trading Partner ordered a certain amount of an item and you don't have enough of that item in stock to fulfill the order, a quantity change can be communicated in a Purchase Order Acknowledgement.

If there's any doubt on how to communicate these changes, it's always best practice to double check with your Trading Partner.

rev: 5/25/21

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