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Once testing is complete for a Trading Partner, you’ll likely need to change your tested and approved transactions from Test mode to Production status. Some Trading Partners may actually tell you to send a P in the ISA15 position of your transactions. What does that mean? In the first line of an X12 EDI transaction, a T or P is sent to indicate the status of the transaction.

So, how is this changed? Simple!

  1. From the Trading Partner record, click Preferences in the Action Bar.

  2. Select Transactions.

  3. Under the Test/Production column, change the tested and approved transactions to Production.

  4. Click Save in the Action Bar. Any transaction sent after this change will be in Production mode!

For more documentation on switching from Test to Production, click here.

Note: If your Trading Partner is sending transactions in Test mode, they will need to change the Test flag to Production on their end.

rev: 9/8/21

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