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So, you've gotten to the point where you know how to create a transaction by Turnaround. You know to go to your Sent folder and fill in any red mandatory fields. Maybe you've templated some fields, so you don't have to fill them in every time. Now you've saved and closed your transaction. What next?

When do I send my transaction?

Well, that depends on the transaction! For example, if your Trading Partner requires an 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement, this should be sent as soon as you've received your 850 Purchase Order and reviewed it's contents. An 810 Invoice is typically sent once the 856 ASN has been sent.

When do I send my ASN (Advance Shipment Notice)?

Because the purpose of an ASN is to let a buyer know when the shipment is on its way, the ASN is typically sent when you're ready to ship. This way, you'll be able to verify that the shipment information in the ASN is correct. If you're utilizing the TrueCommerce Labeling Utility, you'll be able to print labels from the ASN, as well.

Best Practice

It's always best to check with your Trading Partner to know exactly what transactions they expect and when they expect to receive them.

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