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Whether you're only creating the Advance Shipment Notice or you're creating the ASN, as well as printing labels, you'll need your UCC-128 # to populate in the ASN. You have the option for having this value generate automatically.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Navigation Menu icon in the upper left hand corner of Foundry. Under Transaction Manager, select Trading Partners.

  2. Select the Trading Partner from the list.

  3. In the Action Bar, click Labels and select UCC-128.

  4. Select the radio button for Always use UCC-128 Autocreate. Click Save in the Action Bar.

Additional resources:

  • Generating UCC-128 Numbers for Labeling

  • For step-by-step guidance, click the ? icon in the upper right corner of Foundry, select Guided Tutorials and search for Setting the UCC-128 Autocreate for ASNs.

  • To see a demonstration, watch the Generating the UCC-128 # tutorial under the ASN Training Series course (found in the World of EDI category) in TrueCommerce University.

rev: 8/25/21

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