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Some Trading Partners send emails with rejection details, while others send rejection details in the form of an EDI transaction. Some Trading Partners cut to the chase with what needs to be fixed, while others seem to provide their feedback in the form of a haiku. Either way, check out the tips below for correcting a transaction rejection!

They specified a transaction, and I'm not sure which transaction it is.

They provided EDI specific details (segment and/or element details).

They specified the actual value that needs to be corrected, and I'm not sure where it is in the transaction.

They specified next steps.

I'm not sure what they are saying/asking for.

1. Did they specify the transaction that needs to be corrected?

Sometimes a Trading Partner will provide the actual transaction that needs to be corrected, and sometimes they will only refer to the transaction by the EDI document code. Don't be afraid to ask the Trading Partner for more details, such as specific segment/element details.

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2. Did they provide segment and/or element details from the raw EDI data?

Often times, a Trading Partner will tell you that a piece of data is incorrect by referencing the segment and element from the EDI data. For example, you might receive feedback that says the value in the SAC05 position needs to be fixed, where SAC is the segment and 05 is the element.

To find out the specific value, you can search for the segment and element within the transaction in Transaction Manager.

To do this, locate the transaction (likely in your Sent folder). Double click the transaction to open it, and click Search in the Action Bar.

Select EDI Segment/Element Search, and enter the values that were provided to you by the Trading Partner. Click one of the “Find” buttons. The value you’re searching for will be highlighted on your screen, showing you the field that needs to be corrected.

If more than one value appears in your search, check the rejection feedback to see if the Trading Partner provided an additional piece of information called a qualifier. This value will show up in the search results, as well (highlighted in the screenshot). In our example, the segment is REF, the element is 02 and the qualifier is IA.

For step-by-step guidance, check out the "Data, Segment, and Element Search" tutorial under Guided Tutorials in Foundry!

3. Did they provide the piece of data that needs to be corrected?

If the Trading Partner provided the specific piece of data to be corrected, you have the option of searching for this, too. Instead of selecting EDI Segment/Element Search, choose Data Search, and enter the value in the field. Click one of the “Find” buttons to locate the field that needs to be corrected.

For step-by-step guidance, check out the "Data, Segment, and Element Search" tutorial under Guided Tutorials in Foundry!

4. Did they specify next steps?

Some Trading Partners want the transaction to be corrected and resent. If this is the case, depending on the error, you may be able to move the transaction from your Sent folder to your Outbox, make the necessary adjustment and resend.

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5. No clue what they are talking about?

No worries! We’re here to help. If you’re working on Testing a new Trading Partner, contact your assigned Implementation Specialist. For Production issues/rejections, contact TrueCommerce Support.

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