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Getting Started

If you haven't already, you'll need to contact your Account Manager for any new Trading Partners you haven't already established a connection with.

You'll be assigned an Implementation/Add-On Specialist who will assist you during this process, not sure who they are? Check out this article

However, once that initial connection is ready - the best way to get things moving is to be prepared, while not every new connection is straight forward - almost all of them will need the basic setup steps provided below to get off the ground, this article will help you not only prepare, but give you the full power to moving things along and setting up a partner on your time.


Create a Customer Card within Business Central: this will need to be done prior to any attempt to connect with Transaction Manager

  • You'll want to contact your VAR if you're not sure how to configure this

Configure Partner Setup within Transaction Manager: The Partner List within Transaction Manager is what bridges your Customer Card in BC to your Trading Partner in Transaction Manager. Linking all the transactions to going to their respective customer codes.

Understanding the Partner Setup

Setting the Import Document Type: Looking to send your Partner Invoices, Advance Ship Notices, or Purchase Order Acknowledgements straight from BC? Learn how to setup the Import Document Types and what they mean

Import Document Type Overview

Set the Primary Item

Your Primary item is the item your Trading Partner will be sending you, as their primary identification for any items you trade with them. You'll want to set the Dropdown for each document type you use to the appropriate item code that your Trading Partner is sending you as it relates in Transaction Manager - this is what tells the system what code to send to BC or translate against

Add any Ship-to Locations to the Address List: Ship-to Locations represent the stores you'll be shipping to, and more often than not you'll want to setup a Ship-To code within BC specifically for those locations to help keep track of where you're shipping to.

Setting up Ship-to Codes in Business Central

Fill out your Item Catalog within Transaction Manager: More often than not your Trading Partner sends you Items with different codes than that of your Business Central system, Transaction Manager provides a convenient, built in Item Catalog system that helps you quickly translate those codes so that your system can understand which items you wish to use.

Understanding the Item Catalog

Configure ASNs: Sending Advanced Ship Notices to your Trading Partner? Look at our articles regarding ASNs and how they work

Setting the ASN Type

Mapping the Integrations Layer: Have Mapping Manager? Here's some useful tips for configuring your documents within it for your Business Central system!

Basics of Mapping Manager Collection

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