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Generating an ASN can be a fairly automatic process - however the system needs to know how your Trading Partner wishes to see their ASN structured - as such you'll want to make sure you've set the ASN Type within your Shipment (or default it) so that TrueCommerce's extension knows how to pack that data!

Setting the ASN Type for a specific Transaction

Navigate: Shipment → Related → TrueCommerce

Select: TC ASN Type from the Dropdown

Defaulting the ASN Type in Business Central

Want a specific Trading Partner to always default to a particular ASN Type? You can set it within Business Central under the TC Customer Template

Navigate Option A: TrueCommerce → TC ASN → TC Customer Settings

Navigation Option B: Sales Order/Shipment → Related → TC ASN → TC Customer Settings → (Select Customer - in View Mode)

Select: ASN Type

Defaulting the ASN Type in Transaction Manager

Need to use multiple ASN types? Setting the Default ASN type within Transaction Manager can allow you to set a fallback value when conditions aren't met for other types. Simply mark the Default ASN Type within your Default Settings for your Trading Partner.

Navigate: Trading Partners → Translations → Defaults

Enter: Default ASN Type

Common Options (Matches Business Central Dropdown)

  • No Pack

  • Pick and Pack

  • Standard

  • Pallet Pick and Pack

  • Pallet Standard

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