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  • The field Ship-to Code of table Sales Header contains a value (01) that cannot be found in the related table (Ship-to Address).

  • Ship-to Code length is greater than 10

A Ship-To Code, sometimes called a Location Code, is a simple ID that can be used to reference a specific predefined Ship To address within your system. This code, if sent from Transaction Manager to Business Central, will tell the system to automatically fill out the Ship-To information with the address information linked with the code itself.

Business Central Ship-To Codes

Translating a Trading Partner Code to a Business Central Code

Trading Partner sending you a different code than what your system expects? Not a problem! You can easily setup a Translation between your Partner's code and your ERP's code within Transaction Manager.

Navigate: Trading Partners → (Partner Name) → Translations → Address List

Fill Out: EDI Code & Bus Sys Code

Transaction Manager Address List

Edi Code: The Trading Partner's code sent in the Ship-To or Store field within the Transaction

Bus Sys Code: Your Business Central Ship-To code

rev 7/29/22

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