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Transaction Manager: Understanding the Partner List
Transaction Manager: Understanding the Partner List
This article will give a general overview of the Partner List in Transaction Manager.
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What is the Partner List?

Simply put, the Partner List is a tool within Transaction Manager that associates the Trading Partner in Transaction Manager with the Customer ID or IDs within your business system.

Where is the Partner List?

Each Trading Partner record contains its own Partner List:

  1. Navigate to the Trading Partner record.

  2. In the Action Bar, click Transactions.

  3. Select Partner List.

How does it work?

When a transaction is exported from Transaction Manager to your business system, the Partner List “tells” Transaction Manager which customer record the transaction belongs to. This is why the Customer ID (Trading Partner name) entered into the Partner List needs to match the Customer ID in your business system exactly (case, spelling and space sensitive).

The same is true for importing transactions from your ERP into Transaction Manager: you'll need to make sure the partner name is in the Partner List (aka Partner Setup). This way the partner will show up on an Import search.

How to Setup the Partner List

For a complete overview, check out the Partner List guide. This guide will take you step-by-step on how to add a partner to the Partner List.

Please note: The partner name in your Partner List must match the name in your business system exactly (case and space sensitive). For example, if you are setting up with Amazon, and you have Amazon as Amazon Partner in your business system, Amazon Partner is what you would put in the Partner List.

What if I have multiple records for one Trading Partner in my business system?

No problem! You can easily add multiple Customer IDs into the Partner List, and create what we call a multipartner setup. All you would need is a Translation Parameter, a value that is being sent on each Purchase Order that is unique to each Customer ID (i.e. a location code, a vendor #). This way, Transaction Manager would know the difference between the partner records.

Is there a Translation Parameter you want to use that's not listed in Step 2 of the Partner List? Contact TrueCommerce Support.

If you have multiple partners/customer IDs in your business system for your Trading Partner, check out this guide for steps and guidance.

For more instructions on configuration, reference the below helpful quick links:

Did you know that TrueCommerce Foundry can provide step-by-step guidance?

To start, click the Help Icon, select Guided Tutorials, and search for the “Partner List” tutorial! There are two guided tutorials: one for one partner record within your ERP and one for multiple records within your ERP.

Looking for more? Check out the Partner List tutorial found under the Integration Basics section of TrueCommerce University.

rev: 9/7/21

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