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What is the initiative?

Beginning February 1, 2021, the Advance Shipment Notice will be required for all Domestic Purchase Orders (PO) shipped to a Walmart U.S. Distribution and/or Fulfillment Center. Dropship or DSD not included.

NOTE: If you did NOT receive communication via email or Retail Link from Walmart, please contact Walmart prior to proceeding with these steps. This is only for customers who have been communicating with Walmart directly.


Walmart is extending their effective date for ASN defect charges from May 1, 2021 to July 1, 2021. On this date, all domestic POs shipped to a Walmart U.S. DC and/or FC will require an ASN.

This guide is an update to steps previously communicated, as the process has changed on Walmart's side. If you haven't taken action yet, follow the steps below to be able to send ASNs to Walmart.

What can you do?

  1. Make sure you have the correct ASNs activated in Transaction Manager. This article provides the steps to activate transactions. The two ASNs to use will be the Ship Notice/Manifest- Pick and Pack 9-2020 and the Ship Notice/Manifest-Pallet PickandPack 9-2020, depending on how your company will be shipping.

  2. Make sure the ASNs are in Production. This article will show you how to move transactions to Production.

  3. If there are any fields that will always be the same on the ASN, save time by templating these fields. This article will take you through the steps.

  4. Check out this article to review how to create the ASN by Turnaround. For integrated customers that have the capability to import the ASN, contact TrueCommerce for assistance should you need it. Need to manually create your ASN, whether it's packs or pallets? Check out this article.

  5. Check out this article to review how to send the ASN.

rev: 5/3/21

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