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When printing labels, the Ship To address is a dynamic value, as it depends on where you are shipping a product to. Often times, a partner will define the Ship To address by a location code (such as a store number or a DC number), rather than sending a physical Ship To address on an order. Based on the code, they expect you to have the address to populate on the label.

Fortunately, Transaction Manager has a solution! The Address List is a reference table that will have a code (number) associated to a corresponding address. The Address List allows you to indicate whether you’re shipping to a Distribution Center or a Store. Check the steps below to make sure your settings are correct!

The steps:

Verify the Ship To Type on your ASN first. The Ship To Type field is located on the Main tab of the ASN. In this example, the Ship To Type is Distribution Center.

Next, click on the Addresses tab on the ASN to verify where the code is located. In this example, the code is being sent under the Distribution Center tab.

Check the Address List to make sure the the location code is present. Additionally, make sure a physical address is associated with the code in the Address List. Finally, the Type column in the Address List needs to match the Ship To Type on the ASN.


If the code and corresponding address are present in the Address List and the Ship To address is still not printing, try changing the Ship To Type on the ASN and the Type column in the Address List to the option currently not selected (i.e. DC to Store). Sometimes the location of the code on the ASN dictates if the Type is DC or Store, not necessarily where the shipment is being physically shipped.

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Check out the Labeling Utility video found under the Added Functionality section of TrueCommerce University for more of a demonstration!

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