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This article covers the basic steps for how to create a user. However, the best practice way to create a new user record is to copy an existing record. Consider using this method to create users when the new user will have the same access and permissions as an existing user.

Note: You need to have administrator privileges to perform these steps.

Navigate to your name > Settings > Security > Users and Roles

Click +New User.

Complete these required fields with information about the new user:

  • User Name - Always use a unique email address

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number (required for Multi-Factor Authentication)

  • New Password and confirmation of the password.

  • Click the checkbox to force a password change.

For more information about Foundry's password policies click here.

When you're finished, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

You're now on the Roles tab which will determine what permissions a user gets.

Click +Add.

Choose one or more roles to assign to this user. Use the CTRL key to select multiple rows. When you're ready, click the Finish button at the bottom of the page.

You will get a pop-up in the lower right corner saying the new users has been created and it will show in the users list.

rev: 4/28/22

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