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What is the initiative?

In an effort to unlock further visibility into the fulfillment status of their customer orders, Wayfair is currently working to automate backorder functionality via the EDI 855 Order Acknowledgment Transaction in the later half of 2021. Wayfair / CSN will be requiring their vendors to start sending the EDI 855 transaction for dropship orders.

Is Testing required?

Testing is NOT required. Check out the details below regarding the 855. If you've never sent this transaction before or if you have any questions, please contact TrueCommerce.

Prior to sending these transactions, make sure they are in Production mode. Check out this article for steps on how to do this.

What is the 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement)?

The EDI 855 is sent to a buyer to acknowledge that a Purchase Order was received.

How is the 855 created?

This transaction can be created by Turnaround. For an in-depth overview of the 855, check out Lesson 12 in the X12 EDI Course of TrueCommerce University.

Which option do I select when I create the 855?

You'll want to use the most basic choice to start: 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment.

Is it possible to automate the 855?

It sure is! Check out this article for more information.

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