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TrueCommerce University is a Learning Management System built exclusively for TrueCommerce customers, offering a variety of lessons designed to help both new and experienced customers enhance their knowledge with the TrueCommerce suite of products!

This isn’t a “once and done” effort – we will continue to improve upon and add content to make sure our customers are getting the knowledge they need to run their businesses successfully.

To register for TCU:

  1. Visit Or, you can access TCU by clicking the Help Icon and selecting University.

2. Click Log in.

3. Click Create new account under “Is this your first time here?”

4. Fill in the corresponding account information. Your request will need to be approved by TCU Administration. Be sure to use an email associated with your company and with TrueCommerce. All account submissions will be approved by our administrators. Keep in mind that it can take 1-2 days to receive admin approval. You will receive a notification upon approval.

5. Once approved, you should receive an email notification: Welcome to TrueCommerce University! Your account has been approved. Start learning now by visiting! Note: Sometimes this email goes to a Spam or Junk folder.

6. Once you receive your notification, log in and begin the learning process!

7. Once logged in, click Categories in the upper right hand corner, and select the desired Category and Course.

8. If you don't see the lessons, click Enroll me to continue!

For questions, comments issues, or suggestions, e-mail

New to Transaction Manager? Check out this New User Guide!

Happy Learning!

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