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Utilizing the Scheduler service in Transaction Manager can help make your day-to-day processes more efficient. On occasion you might hit a little snag if you're trying to perform a quick event in Transaction Manager (i.e. export) while the Scheduler service is running.

For example, you may see an error like this:

"The following errors occurred while processing Event [Export to SAP].

Transaction "UBtVKS8nq" is currently locked by user "Automation"

1 transaction(s) failed to be exported. Details can be viewed in the Integration Activity log."

An error like this means the Automation is currently running on the transaction you're trying to export. Likely the 997 or 855 is being created. This should only take a second to run. The next time Scheduler runs, it will process as normal.

Check out the System Activity in Transaction Manager to confirm that the transaction has already processed and exported. If so, no action would be needed.

rev: 7/30/21

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