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Create custom tags and tag orders while:

-creating an internal order

-editing an order

-batch processing

-creating a bulk order

-creating orders with the "new order import"

-updating orders via spreadsheet

-creating or updating orders via XML

After you tag orders, you can then search (or query via XML) based on tags.

This features optimizes segmentation for order processing and reporting and can be used in numerous scenarios.

The following 27-minute video explains what order tagging is, how to use it, and specific scenarios in which it could be of great use to merchants using the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS).

To search for orders with a specific tag, in your OMS go to Orders / Advanced Search / Order Search. Look for the Tag field toward the bottom of the page. Choose your tag from the drop-down list and click Search.

rev: 6/28/21

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