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The premium Customer Loyalty Points module (fees apply) implements a points-based "rewards" program for customer purchases of products, and if you wish, also gift certificates. How your program works will depend upon your settings selections, but here’s a general overview:

When a customer's order is fulfilled, the customer is given points according to a
specified Earnings Ratio, which is expressed as points per dollar purchased. Earned points may later be redeemed as payment for purchases according to a Redemption Ratio, which the merchant specifies in dollars per point redeemed.

Earnings Ratios can be set by customer type, by product, and by primary category. In addition, a Customer Type multiplier may be specified at Customers/Types so that a merchant can control the program by customer type – for example, if some customer types should earn points faster than others, or some customer types shouldn’t earn points at all.

Loyalty redemptions are recorded against individual orders at order placement time, much like a Gift Certificate. When an order is modified, the loyalty redemption is automatically altered as appropriate, re-granting loyalty points to the customer when necessary.

Other optional settings include: (a) a minimum redemption value, which is the lowest value that may be redeemed on any order, (b) automatic expiration of points on a specified date or after a specified time period, (c) the ability to update expiration dates of previously earned points under certain circumstances, (d) an optional waiting period during which points can’t be redeemed after they are earned, and more.

To sign up, please contact your Nexternal Account Manager or Customer Support, whose information can be found at the top of the Settings section in your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS). Fees apply.

Once you've activated, you can set up the loyalty points program in your OMS at Settings/ Edit Site Options/ Loyalty Points Program. For detailed setup and use instructions, check out these two short video tutorials:

Loyalty Points Video Tutorial (part 1) - 5 minutes

Loyalty Points – Video Tutorial (part 2) - 3.5 minutes

Also check out the other Articles here in the Help Center relating to the Customer Loyalty Points Program (just search for the word "loyalty"), as well as the “?” tooltips available in your OMS once you’ve activated.

rev. 7/20/22

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