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Loyalty points can be redeemed as a "discount" or as "payment". In your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) at Settings/Edit Site Options/Customer Loyalty, the "Apply Loyalty As" field allows you to choose at which point in an order's discount structure a loyalty redemption applies.

The Discount option applies a redemption after the Order Subtotal but before Sales Tax, much like Customer, Coupon, and Order Discounts.

The Payment option applies the redemption at the very end of the order, after Sales Tax and Shipping, thus effectively making it a payment, much like a Gift Certificate or Gift Card.

So, while loyalty points redeemed as payment will apply to shipping as well as products, they cannot be set up to apply only to shipping.

For an overview of the Loyalty Points Program, check out this Article.

To sign up for the Nexternal Loyalty Points Module, please contact your Nexternal Account Manager or Customer Support, whose information can be found at the top of the Settings section in your OMS. Fees apply.

Once you've activated, you can set up the loyalty points program in your OMS at Settings/ Edit Site Options/ Loyalty Points Program. For detailed setup and use instructions, please refer to this Article.

Also check out the other Articles here in the Support Center relating to the Loyalty Points Program (just search for the word "loyalty"), as well as the “?” tooltips available in your OMS once you’ve activated.

rev. 1/5/21

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