Product: Nexternal, Loyalty Points Module

In some circumstances (such as when items are returned), a merchant may wish to manually delete some or all of a customer's loyalty points without redeeming them in a placed order. Here's how:

From the customer list page in your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS), click on the last name of the customer whose points you wish to delete. That brings you to the customer record summary page, and if you scroll down you will see their loyalty points.

To the left of each grant of loyalty points, there is a black circle arrow icon. When you hover over that icon, it shows that this icon is for revoking loyalty points. Click that icon, and say yes when asked if you really want to revoke the points.

For an overview of the Loyalty Points Program, check out this Article.

To sign up for the Nexternal Loyalty Points Module, please contact your Nexternal Account Manager or Customer Support, whose information can be found at the top of the Settings section in your OMS. Fees apply.

Once you've activated, you can set up the loyalty points program in your OMS at Settings/ Edit Site Options/ Loyalty Points Program. For detailed setup and use instructions, please refer to this Article.

Also check out the other Articles here in the Support Center relating to the Loyalty Points Program (just search for the word "loyalty"), as well as the “?” tooltips available in your OMS once you’ve activated.

rev. 1/5/21

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