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It's easy to see if a transaction you sent was received and acknowledged!

Within the Transactions section of Transaction Manager, go to the Sent folder. Scroll to the Date Ack column.

If there's a time stamp present in this column, that means your Trading Partner received the transaction you sent, and consequently generated and returned a Functional Acknowledgement (997).

Please note: The timestamp will be the local time of the partner when they sent the acknowledgement.

The Trading Partner is saying they didn't receive the transaction.

If the Date Ack column is filled in, but the Trading Partner is still saying they didn't receive the transaction, provide them with the raw EDI.

There is no time stamp in the Date Ack column.

If your sent transaction doesn't have a time stamp:

  1. Make sure there isn't a red X next to the sent transaction.

  2. Check with TrueCommerce Support to make sure there aren't any errors on the network.

  3. Check with your Trading Partner to see if they received it.

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