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Did you know that TrueCommerce offers step-by-step guidance? Save time and check out the “Mark a Field as Mandatory” tutorial found under the question mark icon in the Foundry platform. Or, feel free to read on!

On occasion, you may need a field for a specific transaction to be marked as mandatory. This is a simple function that can be completed using the Templates feature! To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Trading Partner record in Transaction Manager.

  2. Select Preferences in the Action Bar and select Transactions.

  3. Select the transaction from the list containing the field that needs to be marked as mandatory.

  4. Click Template in the Action Bar.

  5. Click into the field that needs to be marked as mandatory.

  6. Click Make field required in the Action Bar.

  7. Save!

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rev: 5/27/21

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