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Have you received the error below?

"There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks item number xxxx. The item number does not exist in the Item Catalog."

Not to worry! This error means that the Item Translation column, the first column in your Item Catalog, needs to be filled out. The Item Translation column contains the unique item value you have in your ERP system for each item. It might be the same thing that the Trading Partner is sending to you or might be different. Either way, this column needs to be filled out for each item in your Item Catalog.

To access the Item Catalog from the Trading Partner record, click Translations in the Action Bar, and choose Item Catalog.

Keep in mind that Transaction Manager validates all Primary Item fields, checking for duplicates. If they are blank, TM registers them as duplicates, and the following error occurs:

Item Translation and Primary Item column already filled out?

Make sure that all items listed in your Item Setup table are present in your item list within your business system, as well as that they match. This is especially true if you're seeing the following error:

"Invalid argument: the specified record does not exist in the list."

If you're seeing this error, there's a discrepancy between the item values in your Item Setup vs the items in your Quickbooks item list. Have any of the item numbers recently changed? Does the Item Translation value still match the Primary Item value in the column next to it?

Additional resources:

Check out the Item Catalog video in the Integrations section of TrueCommerce University.

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