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Check out one or more of these common issues or steps for possible solutions:

1. Make sure that your ASN is setup properly, specifically settings on the Main and Shipment Details tabs.

2. Make sure the correct Label Setup option is selected.

3. The Ship To Address isn't printing.

4. The Ship From Address is missing.

5. Trying to print a label from the Web-based Labeling Solution and the PDF isn't showing up.

6. Receiving an error saying Templates Not Found.

7. Having trouble printing the correct amount of labels.

8. UCC-128 number is missing or not populating in the ASN.

9. The barcode doesn't match the ASN (856).

10. Receiving a "Ship To Type was not selected" error.

11. Receiving a "Label Type is not selected" error.

12. Error: "The label list was failed to be retrieved for 1 transaction(s)."

Note: Check out the Labeling Utility video in the Added Functionality section of TrueCommerce University for a demonstration. Creating a Mark For label? Check out the Mark For Label video in the same section. If you have an issue or error not mentioned in this article, please contact Support for assistance.

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1. Check that your ASN is set up properly:

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  • On the Main tab of your ASN, make sure the “Use TrueCommerce Label Solution” dropdown is set to Yes. (Note: Some ASN templates don’t have this dropdown, so don’t worry if you don’t see it!)

  • On the Main tab, make sure the Ship To Type field is set to either Store or Distribution Center.

  • On the Main Tab, make sure the Label Type field is set to either Standard or Pick and Pack. Choose Standard if you are shipping one type of item and want the specific item details to print on the label. Choose Pick and Pack if you're shipping a mixture of items. If you select Pick and Pack, the label will say Mixed. (Note: These are the most common choices. If there are other choices and you need assistance, contact your assigned Implementation Specialist or our Support Team!)

  • Under the Shipment Detail tab, make sure all of the UCC-128 fields are filled in. The ASN sample below is a Standard ASN. Where the UCC-128 #'s are located will depend on the ASN type.

Want these fields to fill in automatically when you create the ASN? Check out the Guided Tutorial for setting the UCC-128 autocreate in the Foundry Platform for step-by-step guidance.

2. Check Label Setup.

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These options are found under the Business System tab in the Foundry Platform menu. For cloud-based labeling, choose Web-based Labeling. If you're using the installed version of the Labeling Solution, choose On-premise Labeling. Check out this link for step-by-step guidance on how to find these options.

3. Ship To Address not printing.

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For assistance, check out this article for help with your Ship To address!

4. Need a Ship From Address.

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From the Trading Partner record in Transaction Manager, click on Labels in the Action Bar and choose Ship From Locations.

Click Add in the Action Bar. Enter your Ship From Address location details in the corresponding fields. Be sure to check the Default box, especially if you have more than one Ship From address and one is used more than the others.

Note: Check out the Basic Label Setup Guided Tutorial in the Foundry Platform for step-by-step guidance! Also, check out this guide for additional information.

5. PDF not showing up.

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If you're utilizing the online Labeling Utility, the labels pop-up in a new window/tab. If the pop-up blocker is on, it will block that window from opening. Make sure that your pop-up blocker isn't activated.

6. Templates not found.

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If you receive an error saying the label templates aren't found, contact your assigned Implementation Specialist or TrueCommerce Support, and ask them to deploy the label templates for you!

7. Trouble printing correct amount of labels.

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There are a few things to check here:

If you're shipping cartons containing one type of item (aka Pure cartons), make sure the Max # is set in the Item Catalog. The value in the Max # field indicates the maximum amount of each item that fits into a single container. Check out this article for more details!

Make sure you’re using the correct ASN. If you need only carton labels, you’ll want to use either Standard (shipping one type of item) or Pick and Pack (shipping a mixture of items). If you need pallet labels, you’ll need to be using a Pallet or Pallet Pick and Pack type ASN.

Your ASN may need to be manually packed. This would be the case if you’re shipping multiple cartons and one or more of the cartons in the shipment is mixed.

Note: If there are duplicate UCC-128 label numbers, then only 1 label will print for all that have the same UCC-128 #. The Labeling Utility requires unique UCC-128 #'s to generate different labels. This normally occurs when an ASN is manually packed. To generate a new UCC-128 #, highlight the value in the field, and click UCC-128 in the Action Bar.

The ASN Training Series on TrueCommerce University contains a Max # tutorial and a tutorial on how to manually pack your ASNs.

8. UCC-128 number is missing on ASN.

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You have the option to automatically generate the UCC-128 number when creating the ASN.

In the Trading Partner record, click Labels in the Action Bar, and select UCC-128. Select Always use UCC-128 Autocreate. Click Save in the Action Bar.

9. Barcode doesn't match ASN.

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Have you printed labels from the wrong type of ASN and the shipment left your facility? Did you send the ASN after already printing the labels and realize the ASN needs to be adjusted? Whatever the case may be:

  • You can create your new ASN, copy the UCC-128 #'s from the incorrect ASN and paste those UCC-128 #'s to that field on the correct ASN.

The UCC-128 # is what generates the barcode on the labels, so this must be correct on the ASN.

10. "Ship To Type was not selected" error.

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To correct this error, open the ASN. On the Main tab, locate the Ship To Type dropdown. Select either Store or Distribution Center. Note: The Ship To Type needs to match the Type column in your Address List.

11. "Label Type is not selected" error.

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To correct this error, open the ASN. On the Main tab, locate the Label Type dropdown. Select either Standard (sending one type of item) or Pick and Pack (sending a mixture of items).

12. "Label list failed to be retrieved" error.

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This error may mean that the UCC-128 # is invalid. Make sure that the UCC-128 Autocreate option is checked. Make sure that Company # field is correct. This value is typically the first 5 - 9 digits of your item UPCs. Note: This could also be an issue with the Trading Partner map. Contact TrueCommerce Support for assistance if you get this error, and adjusting the UCC-128 # doesn't help.

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