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This article is designed to help provide a basic understanding of how the Address List works within the Foundry version of Transaction Manager.

What is the Address List?

The Address List is a table within Transaction Manager that houses the EDI Codes (Location codes) and corresponding address information for your Trading Partners.

How does the Address List get filled in?

When you receive a Purchase Order, the address information that the Trading Partner sends will automatically fill into the Address List. Some Trading Partners only send a location code. In that case, the address information would need to be manually entered into the Address List. You also have the option to import address information.

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And how does the Address List work?

Because some Trading Partners will only send a billing or location code, the Address List allows you to translate that provided code to a full location address when a document is exported to your ERP system. It basically works the same way when a transaction is imported into Transaction Manager from your business system. If the business system can only provide the code, the Address List will allow for the full address to be present on the imported document.

Additionally, there is a dropdown in the Address List that will allow you to set the address as either a Store or Distribution Center (DC). The default in Transaction Manager is Store.

Is the Address List used for labeling?

The Address List is used to pull the Ship To address onto a UCC-128 label that is printed from the TrueCommerce Labeling Utility.

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For more information regarding printing UCC-128 labels, check out the Labeling Utility video found in the Added Functionality section of TrueCommerce University.

How to Reference the Address List on Turnaround

If a transaction is created using the Turnaround function in Transaction Manager, address information would pull from the original transaction (i.e. the Purchase Order) or it would need to pull from the template if the information is static. By default, the Address List is not referenced on Turnaround.

If you want the Address List to be referenced when performing a Turnaround, check out this article.

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