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If you need to add a new Trading Partner or business connection, you’ll want to contact TrueCommerce ASAP. You can contact your Account Manager directly, or our Support team will be happy to get you to the right person.

What information will TrueCommerce need?

The name of the Trading Partner or business connection you'd like to add is the main piece of information. This will help get the ball rolling. You can, however, provide to TrueCommerce any information regarding this connection that you have. Specifically, if you have the partner’s EDI ID, this will help us to better determine which plugin you’ll need.

What happens next?

The request is handled by your Account Manager. They will reach out to you with a quote for having the plugin added to your account. Once the plugin is added, you’ll be assigned work with an Implementation Specialist to complete any required setup and testing.

If you know that labels or packing lists are required for this relationship, be sure to let your Account Manager and Implementation Specialist know right away.

What if the Trading Partner isn’t currently active on the TrueCommerce network?

If we determine that the partner you need to do business with isn’t currently on our network, the TrueCommerce Trading Partner Services and Mapping teams will work with your new business connection to get them set up and ready for exchanging data. Once that process is completed, you’ll work with your assigned Implementation Specialist to complete any required testing.

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