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Whenever you're looking to upgrade your Business Central application, you'll need to first determine which version of Business Central you are using as that depends on which version of the extension you will need from TrueCommerce.


Since TrueCommerce only provides the extension objects - you'll need to work with your VAR to properly install, and compile any new updates from TrueCommerce.

With your VAR involved, you'll simply need to acquire the latest extension from TrueCommerce - which you can find out how below

Dynamics NAV - Business Central Upgrade

If you've upgraded from NAV to Business Central without a re-implementation, most likely you're still using our NAV based integration since Microsoft did not update its code at this point.

If you determine you are using Dynamic NAV - Business Central update, you'll want to get the latest NAV extension from TrueCommerce, and request the specific Business Central update provided

  • Dynamics NAV was rebranded in 2019 to "Business Central On-Premise"

  • If your logo when launching Business Central still says NAV on it - this is still considered NAV for the TrueCommerce Extension

  • If your system is a desktop installed application, this is most likely NAV as Business Central 365 moved to a Web-Browser based solution

  • Requires a .FOB file to compile

If you're unsure which version you have, please contact your VAR for verification as TrueCommerce is not responsible for your system's environment.

Dynamics Business Central 365

Dynamics Business Central 365 is the Cloud Solution provided by Microsoft, and while brands the same label, has an entirely different integration than our Dynamics NAV - BC integration.

There are two versions of Dynamics Business Central - Embedded and Cloud/SaaS and while most customers who migrate to Business Central 365 use the Cloud/SaaS solution, you'll want to double check to see if you're using an Embedded version of Dynamics Business Central which updates differently than that of the Cloud version

Embedded vs Cloud Hosted


If you're using the Embedded Version of Business Central - you'll have a .app file your VAR will need to manually compile against your system. You can access those files here:


If you're using the cloud integration - your TrueCommerce Extension will be available directly from the Microsoft AppSource - you can update your extension directly by the following links

Need Assistance?

Since the Extension has to be compiled against your Business Central Server along with any other extensions you may have, TrueCommerce does not install or assist with the update/upgrade of the extension itself. That is the responsibility of your VAR.

TrueCommerce does not support compatibility with other extensions - as such it is recommended that thorough testing is completed prior to moving the upgrade into production so that if any issues arise have adequate time to be handled.

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