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If you're looking to upgrade your Dynamics NAV ERP system to a newer version - you'll ultimately will need a newer version of the extension that's compiled against the version of NAV you're looking to upgrade to so that you can get EDI back online.


First, you'll want to contact your VAR to initiate the upgrade itself, as this is the recommended way of upgrading Dynamics NAV as your VAR is responsible for ensuring your ERP continues to operates smoothly.

If issues arise during the upgrade process, or compiling of the extension there is limited support that TrueCommerce can provide outside of providing a proper extension object.

TrueCommerce Extension

You'll need to acquire the latest TrueCommerce Extension based on the version of NAV you are upgrading to - so you'll want to determine that, once you have figured out - you can submit a support ticket through the Account Management Portal to request the latest Extension with the following information attached :

Company Name:

Current NAV Version:

Upcoming NAV Version:

This can help ensure we can forward you the proper extension to be sent to your VAR for installation

  • If you're not sure what version of the extension you currently have - you can find it here


If you're upgrading from a version prior to you'll want to note that additional installation step is required - as TrueCommerce updated it's FTP Protocols to leverage the FluentFTP.dll which must be installed as an Add-In

Migrating Server

If you are migrating to a new server for NAV to run on, please let TrueCommerce know - as there may be additional configuration required for the file delivery system if you are not using an FTP or are utilizing the TrueCommerce CloudFTPBridge solution instead of the NAV FTP solution.

Need Assistance?

Since the Extension has to be compiled against your NAV Server along with any other extensions you may have, TrueCommerce does not install or assist with the update/upgrade of the extension itself. That is the responsibility of your VAR.

TrueCommerce does not support compatibility with other extensions - as such it is recommended that thorough testing is completed prior to moving the upgrade into production so that if any issues arise have adequate time to be handled.

rev 8/4/22

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