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Congratulations on setting up with RJW! To ensure a successful implementation with RJW, use the following checklist as a guide:

1. RJW hosts kickoff call with you and any stakeholders within your business.

RJW will review the project scope, including:

  • Reviewing the transactions involved in the relationship, and

  • Reviewing the document flow.

This call does not include TC.

2. Testing is completed in two week sprints.

  • Two weeks to test the 940/945 transactions.

  • Two additional weeks if additional transactions are involved (i.e. 943/944).

Your company will be scheduled for a specific start date.

3. Responsibilities before the sprint:

  • Provide an emailed example of the 940 before the sprint starts. This can be created by Import or Turnaround of a PO.

  • RJW will validate this document for required fields. Once approved, the sprint of testing can begin.

  • Review the Warehouse Quick Start Guide, and follow steps accordingly.

4. During the sprint:

  • Your company will have a resource assigned from RJW.

5. Go Live will be scheduled when both parties agree that testing has been completed successfully and are ready to move forward with the connection.

6. TC suggests testing a document cycle for each trading partner that will be fulfilled via RJW.

  • Be sure to share this information prior to the beginning of the testing sprints.

7. Integration testing with ERP is done outside of RJW implementation and may extend testing duration.

8. Let RJW know how you are creating your transactions (i.e. Turnaround or Integration). This will help RJW understand why some additional information may be required on a 945, especially if P2P turnaround will be used to create an 856.

Additional notes (where applicable):

RJW may send the 856 (ASN) on your company's behalf, and will need to have the PO CC’d to them in that case. Click here for more information on setting up Carbon Copies.

rev: 5/20/22

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