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How to Import

Integration Service Prompt

Import Document Type Error

Is my transaction in Test or Production mode?

How to Import

Before importing, make sure that Option 1 is selected under Integration Settings.

To import a transaction from your business system to Transaction Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Outbox.

  2. Select Import.

  3. Enter your search criteria, and click Search.

  4. Then select the transaction(s) and click Import.

Note: Depending on whether you have a framework or flat file integration, the prompts that follow clicking Import will vary. Additionally, be sure to check your Status Bar at the bottom of the screen to ensure the transaction imported correctly.

I'm bring prompted to download the integration Service.

You may need to go to the Start Menu on the computer, search for "services.msc", locate "Transaction Manager Integration Service" and hit "Start".

Otherwise, check out this article for additional help.

I'm getting the following error:

Unable to import transactions for xxxx. Please set the Import Document Type in the Transactions Section of Transaction Manager.

Check out this article for steps on how to correct this error!

Test or Production?

Check out this article to know whether or not your transaction is in Test or Production, as well as how to switch between these two settings!

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Interested in adding the Export and/or Import functionalities to your business process? Contact your Account Manager or TrueCommerce Support!

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