Product: Transaction Manager

Sometimes a situation might arise where a 3rd party needs to receive a copy of a transaction. Or, maybe you need a Purchase Order copied to a test environment. Whatever the case may be, TrueCommerce has the ability to do Carbon Copies.

We can do 2 types of Carbon Copies: 

  1. Out PDF. This is the Print Preview of the Transaction from Transaction Manager and is emailed to one or multiple email addresses. This Carbon Copy can be used for both inbound or outbound data.

  2. X12 Raw Data Carbon Copies. This method is sending the X12 Raw Data directly to:

    • A Test account. This is a Carbon Copy of Inbound X12 data from a Trading Partner, and can be directly copied to your TrueCommerce Test account.

    • FTP. This Carbon Copy will enable Inbound or Outbound X12 data to be delivered to a TrueCommerce hosted, or another hosted, FTP folder.

    • Another Trading Partner Relationship. This would typically be used for Brokers or 3PLs.

The fine print: Carbon Copies are built out on a per Trading Partner basis. There is a fee for the initial setup. For more information, contact your Account Manager. Don't know your Account Manager? Navigate to Account Management in Foundry to learn who your Account Manager is, or submit a case!

rev: 5/25/21

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