Product: Transaction Manager

Depending on your business processes, you may need to utilize either the Turnaround function or the Partner to Partner Turnaround function. So, what's the difference?


Well, to put it plainly, the Turnaround function is used when the inbound transaction and the outbound transaction are part of the same relationship.

Partner to Partner Turnaround

The Partner to Partner Turnaround (or P2P) is used if the incoming transaction is from one Trading Partner, but the return transaction needs to be sent to a different Trading Partner.

For example:

Let's say your business sells hand sanitizer to Target. To help with the high volume, you utilize a 3rd party warehouse to help fulfill the orders. When the warehouse sends you their Warehouse Shipping Advice (945) transaction, you use a Partner to Partner Turnaround to create an Advance Shipment Notice (856) to send to Target. The shipping information provided by the warehouse on the Warehouse Shipping Advice will "pull" onto the Advance Shipment Notice for Target.

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rev: 5/20/22

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