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Within the following article links, you will find explanations of some of Mapping Manager’s features, in addition to instructions for using Mapping Manager and suggestions to guide you through its basic functionality.

Mapping Manager Overview


Understanding the Mapping Manager Menu

Understanding Deploy and the Actions Bar

Partner Import/Export Definitions

Accessing Partner Maps

Searching for a Partner or Map Name

Partner Token Mapping

Editing Partner Maps

Adding Trading Partner Relationships to Maps

Partner to Partner Turnaround Mapping

Adjusting Settings Related to a Partner to Partner Turnaround Entity

Configuring Partner to Partner Turnarounds in Transaction Manager

Native Turnaround vs. Partner to Partner Turnaround Maps

Building, Validating, and Linearizing a Custom Formula

Check out the Guided Tutorials relating to Mapping Manager, below. These tutorials can be accessed under the Question Mark in the upper right of Foundry, under Guided Tutorials.

  • Mapping Manager Introduction

  • Mapping Manager Menu Tour

  • Primary Action Bar

  • Create New Project

  • Edit a Project

  • Edit a Map

  • Build a Custom Formula in Token Mapping

Additionally, you can find the complete Mapping Manager User Guide in the Account Management Portal (AMP) within the Foundry navigation menu.

rev: 2/11/22

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