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The Manage Users grid lists all of the users that are currently assigned to a selected role. It includes functionality to remove multiple users from the role as well as add users that are currently unassigned.

First, locate the role. Roles are maintained via the Roles page, which can be accessed by those who have ‘administrator’ account credentials. To access the Roles page:

  1. Click your user name or profile picture on the top right corner of the Foundry page header.

  2. Select Settings > Security from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select Users and Roles from the drop-down menu to launch the Users and Roles page.

  4. Select the ROLES tile to launch the Roles page.

  5. Select the role you want to modify and click Manage Users.

6. All the users assigned to the selected role are listed under the Assigned Users tab.

7. Click Unassign User under the Assigned Users tab to remove selected users from the role and place them under Unassigned Users. Once they are unassigned, those users will no longer have the attributes of that role. Note that you cannot remove users if that role is the only one assigned to them.

8. Click Assign User under the Unassigned Users tab to assign selected (unassigned) users to the role, which moves them under Assigned Users.

rev: 4/28/22

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