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Adding A Security Admin (Admin)

Adding a New User (Admin)

Clearing Browser Cache

Copy a User Record (Admin)

Customizing Columns

Enable/Disable a Role (Admin)

Finding your Tenant or Profile ID

Logout Button

Managing Users Assigned to a Role (Admin)

Max Users Logged In

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multiple Users Signed in Concurrently

Platform Features

Reset a User's Password (Admin)

SKU Management

Unlock a User (Admin)

User Management (Admin)

Check out the Guided Tutorials relating to Foundry Platform below. These tutorials can be accessed under the Question Mark in the upper right of Foundry, under Guided Tutorials.

All Users

Admin Users

Add a Profile Picture

Add a Role to a User

Answer/Change My Security Questions

Alerts Overview Video

Change Password

Configure Tenant Options

Favorite a Page in Foundry

Create an Email Alert

How to Log Out

Create a New User

Create a Quick Link

Create a Role

What are Spaces?

Create User Secret Questions

What is Foundry? Video

Enable/Disable a User

Welcome Tour

Hide a Screen from a User

Investigate Error Logs

Localization Options

Permissions Overview Video

Pre-requisite Setup for Email or SMS Alert

Unlock a User

Scheduled Tasks

Additionally, you can find the complete Foundry Platform User Guide by clicking here or by clicking under the ? in the upper right within Foundry - click Documentation, then Foundry User Interface.

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