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Testing for this initiative applies to you ONLY if you've been contacted by TrueCommerce. Continue business as usual during the testing process. You will use the new, tested, and approved transactions ONLY ONCE TESTING HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

What is the initiative?

Real Truck is updating their Purchase Order (850) to include an SAC segment.

Are they requesting testing?

Yes, Real Truck is requesting tests be sent in response to the updated 850. You'll need to send a test 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), a test 856 (Advance Shipment Notice), and a test 810 (Invoice).

Note: The 856 should be Pick & Pack.

What's involved with the testing process?

Once you receive the test Purchase Order, you'll need to switch the 855, 856 (Pick & Pack), and 810 to Test mode. Note: You'll want to utilize the transactions that contain the word NEW in the title. These transactions should be used for TESTING ONLY. Continue to use your current transactions until testing is completed.

Proceed with sending each test. Once the tests are sent, you'll work with Real Truck on going live.

rev: 5/5/21

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