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The Currency Converter is located in Settings / Compatible Software in your Order Management System (OMS). The tool is free and includes the ability to control the currencies displayed.

The Currency Converter allows customers to view prices and totals in the Online Store in their local or preferred currency. The United States Dollar (USD) is always the base currency used; when a customer chooses to use a different currency, values are displayed based on exchange rates provided by Open Exchange Rates, which are updated daily. Thus, values displayed in other currencies are approximations for the customer's convenience only; prices in the OMS are always displayed in United States Dollars (although the customer's choice of currency is displayed on the Order Detail screen, and may be edited if necessary), and if you are using a Payment Gateway, credit card processing is always in United States Dollars.

Based on IP Address and IP Country, when a customer is believed to be located in a country whose currency is supported and is not the United States Dollar, that currency is automatically suggested to the customer in the online store. In all cases, the currency in use is displayed in the Shopping Cart, and may be changed by clicking a "Change" link. Customers must also, in all cases, agree to the Currency Disclaimer (specified on the Preferences screen), to commit a foreign currency. Once an order is placed using such a currency, the currency and exchange rate used are saved with the order so that the Shipped E-Mail (and other status e-mails) include the same currency values used to place the order. All such e-mails also include the Currency Disclaimer. The Currency Conversion Preferences screen also contains several options that are highly relevant to the use of currency conversion, and if you wish to use the feature, you should carefully review those preferences and the related ? tooltips.


1. Because exchange rate data is provided by Open Exchange Rates, Nexternal cannot guarantee its accuracy. Moreover, because exchange rates change over time and credit card billing is always in United States Dollars (provided a Payment Gateway is in use), it is important to understand the amount that the customer pays may differ from the Order Total quoted.

2. Currency Conversion is not available when Bulk Orders (Orders / Bulk Order) are placed.

3. Gift Certificate E-Mails (sent to Gift Certificate recipients) always use Unites States Dollars, even when the purchaser uses a foreign currency.

4. IP Country is the country to which an IP Address corresponds. In most cases, the IP Country is the country of the person's Internet Service Provider (ISP); it is also very likely to be the country in which the person is physically located. Nexternal relies on third-party databases for IP-to-country correlation, and thus the accuracy of the correlation cannot be guaranteed.

rev. 3/23/21

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