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The Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) provides robust functionality around product discounts which a merchant may offer as a part of the merchant’s normal pricing structure as well as for promotions.

There are 7 ways in which discounts can be applied to products for use by shoppers in the online store:

1. At the Product Level

2. At the Category Level

3. At the Customer Type Level

4. At the Customer Level

5. At the Order Level

6. With a Coupon (primarily for promotions)

The method(s) you choose will depend upon several factors, including the resulting display and customer experience in the online store, the combination of discounts to be applied, ease of setup and maintenance, and how you want the order and line items to appear in your ERP or accounting system.

To help you decide what method to choose, you may download the“Pricing Structures & Product Discounting Complete User Guide”. Also, your Account Manager or a Customer Service Representative can help you decide the best path for your business. In most cases, we recommend discounts at the Product Level, which is the most flexible and popular method.

rev: 12/23/20

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