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To download and install the Integration Service:

1. First, from the Windows search menu, search for "Services.MSC".

2. Locate “Transaction Manager Integration Service” to stop the service.

  • You can right-click on the Transaction Manager Integration Service and select Stop.


  • You can click Stop in the upper left corner under the Services header.

3. Within the Foundry product:

  • Click the Navigation Menu Icon in the upper left hand corner.

  • Click Transaction Manager under the Menu bar.

  • Click Integration Settings.

From the Transaction Manager Integration Service Downloads section, select the Download Integration Service link to begin the download.

4. Save the file locally to the machine, locate the file, and right-click the file to run as administrator.

5. Select Next on the Transaction Manager Integration Service - InstallShield Wizard to begin the installation.

6. Enter a user name and organization and click Next.

7. Select the Complete setup type radio button and click Next.

8. Click the Install button once the Integration Services is ready to install.

If necessary, select Yes to allow the program to install.

9. A progress bar appears to notify the status of the Integration Service installation.

10. Once completed please verify that the Transaction Manager Integration Service is now running on the System Tray. A restart of your machine might be required after the update.

rev: 9/13/21

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