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Nexternal: Activate the Buy Again Feature

Make it super easy for customers to repurchase consumable goods in your store.

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Product: Nexternal

To activate the Buy Again feature, visit Layout / Main Layout / Categories / Buy Again.

When this option is in use, an active customer who logs into the storefront may visit a Buy Again page, which displays all of the products the customer has ordered previously. This feature is ideal for clients selling consumable products. It offers more convenient navigation and higher conversions because it helps shoppers find what they have already purchased and allows them to complete their purchases quickly.

If product sorting is activated (in Settings /Site Options / Sort by Options / Product List Sort) the customer may further customize the display of the listed products to their liking.
If you are using the Persistent Category Template (Layout / General Layout / Template), you may choose for the Buy Again category link to appear at either the top or bottom of the category list. You may also customize the name of the Buy Again Category.

rev. 10/8/20

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