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You must be an Administrator to set up and manage users.

For a fast and fun experience to set up a User for the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS), we recommend that you take the Guided Tutorial called "Set up a User in Nexternal". This guided tutorial will literally walk you through the steps to set up a user in the OMS, with a step by step guide which explains all of your options.

For those of you who don't like fun (ha ha!) and would rather read the directions, here you go:

  • Click Users on the left.

  • Click New (blue button at the top).

  • Fill out First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Email address for the User.

  • Decide whether this person is a secondary user (read the ? tooltip for information regarding what that means).

  • Select a User Access Level.

  • Further narrow OMS screen availability to this user with Excluded Screens selections. Check the screens that you want to exclude from this user's access, regardless of the access level you chose in the previous step.

  • Create a Username and Password.

  • Click Finish.

Finally, if you haven't yet activated the self-serve password reset function for OMS users who forget their passwords, now would be an excellent time to get that done! (This is actually required for all Nexternal merchants, and we're confident you will be as grateful for turning it on as we will be for your doing so.)

For Merchants Accessing Nexternal Through the Foundry Platform

Nexternal users and Foundry users must be set up separately. After you set up users in Nexternal, you must then set them up in Foundry. When doing so, be sure to assign them the Nexternal role, along with any roles required by any other applications you are using in Foundry, such as Transaction Manager, Pulse and/or Pack and Ship. Here are some articles that will help you with user set up and management in Foundry.

rev. 11/16/21

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