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Following is some sample code to get you started, and you can style it however you'd like:
<script src=""></script>
<!-- NOTE: REPLACE BELOW WITH (or https://DomainAlias/cartcontents.js if you have specified a Domain Alias at Settings/Site Options in the Order Management System).-->

<script src=""></script>
$( document ).ready(function() {
if(cartProperties.QuantityTotal == 0) {
$('.cartInfo').html('Your Shopping Cart is Empty.');
} else {
if(cartProperties.QuantityTotal > 1){$('.item').html('items')};

if(customerProperties.FirstName == null){
} else {

<span class="hello">Hello <span class="firstName"></span> <span class="lastName"></span>.</span> <span class="cartInfo">You have <span class="cartQuantity"></span> <span class="item">item</span> in your cart totaling <span class="currencySymbol"></span><span class="cartTotal"></span>.</span>


1. You can find all the available variables by loading this file in your browser: (or https://DomainAlias/cartcontents.js if you have specified a Domain Alias at Settings /Site Options in the Order Management System (OMS)).

2. For this to continue to work properly you must have an Always Secure store. If you are NOT using a domain alias, this means simply checking the Always Secure box in your OMS at Settings / Site Options. However, it is optimal to use a domain alias, and if you ARE using a domain alias, you will need to request a Secure Domain Alias (small annual charge applies) and then check the Always Secure box after the Secure Domain Alias has been set up for you (Settings / Site Options).

rev: 1/4/21

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